Christopher H. Warren wrote All the Noise of It: Living in a Tuscan Hilltown, a fascinating account about the thirty years he has spent in the small medieval village of Sorano, renovating his home and investigating traditional life. In that time he was indulged in the kitchens of many of the warm and welcoming townspeople, and became an accomplished cook. In Feasts from Paradiso he turns his attention to his breathtaking garden, which Warren restored and now cultivates; its flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs and the meals created from themenjoyed throughout the garden and within the ancient caves he has made habitable. Through a calendar year he prepares five banquets, some traditional and others historical, from the Feast of the Epiphany in January to the celebration of Winemaking in October.

Feasts From Paradiso will be available on the various sites- Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. Feel free to order direct from me at a discount. The large paperback at US $24.99 is at a savings over the list price of $29.99. The price includes shipping worldwide. For an ebook, I can provide an EPUB. I suggest Adobe Digital Editions or iBooks for reading the EPUB. To read with kindle the book must be purchased through Amazon. The price of the ebook is US $13.99, versus $17.99 at the retail outlets. As an added incentive, I am offering the paperback and the EPUB together for $28.99- so you can get to reading it while the hard copy is printing and wending its way to you.