I am often asked by townspeople what it is that can be seen glinting from afar in my garden. That the orbs, which glow in the sun, are demijohns, strikes many as being peculiar, if not improper.  Correctly, the 60 liter glass bottles are used in wine cellars to store wine.   The most popular explanation is that the water filled bottles cause the sun’s light to shine and flicker in such a way as to frighten off snakes.   It is less plausible that they are an “installation” to enjoy the lovely reflections and reversals- just like a camera lens- of the sky, town and features of the garden that form in and on the surfaces of the bottles.  I have been told that the Sicilian artist Rosario Murabito was equally intrigued by demijohns, and had some on the terrace of his home above Camaiore in northern Tuscany- so I cannot claim that they are an original idea.  I may have started a bit of a trend, however, as I have noticed that the bottles are popping up in other “inappropriate” locations- at friends’ villas and farmhouses.