Don Tito

Don Tito confided to me that the choice he once faced- to dedicate himself to food or to God- was a very difficult one.  Ultimately he became a priest, but he also
managed to keep up his interest in cooking to the extent that it has become an integral part of his mission.  Shortly after arriving in Sorano a couple of years ago, he had a new kitchen, complete with a wood-burning pizza oven, installed in the parish, and soon started inviting guests for pizza.   During his first winter, he prepared an exceptionally good pizza margherita for me, and towards the end of the meal implored me to play Christ in the upcoming Easter  Passion procession.  How could I have resisted?

Now Tito has begun to prepare feasts, held in the square in front of the church, to which everyone in the community is invited.  He also teaches cooking courses. The happy consequences of his culinary efforts are that people from even a very young age are showing greater interest in food, and his flock is increasing.


Don Tito and Sorano’s baker Beppe Toppi