I Foodini

Sean Lawson and Chris Warren

Adventures in Italian Cookery

Chris is an artist and writer who has been living in Sorano, a small medieval hill town in southern Tuscany, for 27 years.  In that time he renovated his home and created a garden on the opposite side of the river valley.  He has made many good friends and had the great fortune to be invited into their homes and learn how to cook.  Sean worked for 17 years as a professional chef in New Zealand and London.  He, too, renovated his home and has lived in Sorano for twelve years.  He now works in the tourism industry.  Over the past 36 years Jenn  Andreoli has divided her time between Toronto, where she was a chef for many years, and the Commonwealth of Dominica, where she now runs the Zandoli Inn.  Chris for the last few years has been wintering in Dominica, and has collaborated with Jenn in the kitchen of her lovely hotel.

Our plan is to go visit the kitchens of some of the friends we have made. The episodes are low-tech, having been done on an iPad, and edited with iMovie, but they very effectively demonstrate how genuine local dishes are prepared.  Scroll down and click on the photos to view all the completed episodes.

Episode 7    The Festa della Svinatura. The harvesting of the grapes, and the feast of winemaking.   We make wine and then the traditional dishes of salt cod with chickpeas, polenta with porcini and gelatina.

Episode 5   Spaghetti alla gricia with Giancarlo   Back with Giancarlo Cortesi at his home in Elmo.

Episode 4   Crostini Toscani with Giancarlo   We visit Giancarlo Cortesi at his home in Elmo, and then go on to Bar Stella for Happy Hour.

Episode 6, Part 1   To the seaside.  We make Panzanella and Acquacotta with Bruna Savelli  from Orbetello.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8lYxJHPZck

Episode 6, Part 2   We continue our seaside excursion, partake of prosciutto and prosecco and go for a swim with Benedetto Pignatti Morano.  We then return to Sorano for a meal at the wine bar/ restaurant the Ottava Rima.

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Episode 9   Sfratti with Mario   Mario prepares the old Sorano recipe for honey and walnut rolls

Episode 3   Carbonara with Katrin   Katrin shows us how to make Spaghetti alla Carbonara with a German twist.

Episode 1    In the Garden    On this first occasion we stop by the garden and have a simple meal with friends.  The garden is the setting for Chris’s book Feasts from Paradiso which will be published in due course.  The book, about Italian culture and cuisine, is based around five feasts, some traditional and others historical, throughout the calendar year.

Episode 2   In Town with Annetta   89 year-old Annetta demonstrates how to prepare Tortelli with Ragu.

Episode 8   Gelo and Biancomangiare  with Vicenzo    Two Sicilian puddings with Vicenzo Rizzuto in Sorano

I Foodini  Dominica Edition

Chris Warren and Jenn Andreoli

I Foodini  Dominica Edition  Music Video

Episode 11   Lobster Risotto   Diving for lobsters and Chris makes the risotto.

Episode 10   Spaghetti with Crayfish.  Scotty hooks the crayfish, and then we make our meal back at the Zandoli Inn.

Episode 12   Prosciutto Wrapped Dorade with Cush-Cush Gnocchi   Jen and Chris collaborate in the Zandoli Inn kitchen.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moAOgaE_lgU
Episode 13   Pizza with Gianfranco  Sean and Chris on the road again.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2w3PQjiywQ